Best Data Rooms Online, Secure and Reliable

Starting a new business is always exciting, but it requires a lot of critical thinking, planning, and fund management. As startups go digital, it is very important to choose the right virtual platforms, such as data room software, to streamline your business processes.


Clinked is a modern cloud-based collaboration solution for any project. With its help, you can unite all team members in one environment, perform audits, keep logs, collaborate with third parties and much more. The Clinked customer portal itself can be customized and flagged to suit your needs. The provider offers to use the online version as well as download official mobile apps for Android and iOS.


This provider has been active since 2008 and continues to have a leading position as the best data rooms for m&a technology market. This solution is popular in most industries but is mostly used by investment banks, licensing agencies and brokerage firms. The main reason for its popularity is the simple and intuitive interface. It is not overloaded with control buttons, so you and your colleagues do not have to get used to it for a long time.

It takes no more than 20 minutes from registration to full distribution of the virtual room functionality. At the same time, you do not need to have in-depth technical knowledge for this. The platform allows you to work with a large number of files in different formats simultaneously. When uploading, the computer room software automatically assigns watermarks and numbers to all files.

At iDeals, you can choose between different security protocols. Thanks to comprehensive customization, you can be sure that your business, finances and other data are stored securely and are not exposed to data leaks. With detailed reports, you can perform analyzes, track changes in the data room and see who is logged in and how much time is spent on the platform. The service is also available on all mobile devices, making it ideal for work on the go.


DealRoom is a handy tool that brings together all stakeholders in the project in a controlled environment. With VDR, you can perform due diligence operations in full safety. You can easily collaborate with third parties by providing access to specific documents. With VDR you can work with the most available file formats and download them in unlimited quantities.

The revolutionary feature of this computer room provider is that it uses machine learning, which simplifies the execution of similar tasks and reduces the number of errors.

The platform offers an advanced level of security with support for 256-bit data encryption and customizable SSL certificates. With two-factor authentication and role-based access, you do not have to worry about information leakage or unauthorized access to files. In addition, this solution offers JotForm, Google Workspace and other integrations.

Key Features of the VDR

Every electronic data room solution has basic functions and additional functions. The most important are shown in the following list.

Main Features


With VDR, you don’t have to worry about potential leaks of critical information. Most VDR solutions implement 128 or even 256-bit encryption keys and SSL protocols. Additionally, admins can take advantage of the role-based access option, which is important when working with third-party vendors.


With online data rooms, you can collect information about individual steps, create detailed reports and create custom logs. This can greatly simplify the work process and analyze errors to avoid them in the future.

Document Management

Modern VDRs allow you to work with most existing file types. You can upload, upload and edit documents quickly.