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Warp MIDI Sequencer

Warp is a new (and free!) music-theory-oriented MIDI sequencer for software and hardware synthesizers, designed for both composition and live performance. The graphical user interface is just released (October 2020) and currently available as a beta release. It works as a local web application and will continue to evolve. The Python API has been already available for several months. Warp is developed by Michael DeHaan, author of Python automation platforms like Cobbler and Ansible.

Warp works by building up a library of patterns, assigning and reusing those patterns into clips, and then assigning those clips to scenes and tracks. Each scene or pattern can easily apply a new scale at any time, and can access flats and accidentals without being limited by heavy-handed force-to-scale mechanics. Warp does this by avoiding the much-dreaded piano-roll, and instead describes pattern by numeric scale degrees relative to the root. Warp then allows sharps and flats to be annotated after the scale is applied. Key changes and experimentation can then be accessed much more readily than in traditional tools, swapping keys and modes after the song is already written, without re-recording patterns or duplicating tracks.

Warp places a large emphasis on randomness. Our inspirations include favorite hardware and software sequencers such as the Sequentix Cirklon, the Elektron Monomachine, and Ableton Live. Warp includes pattern direction controls, customizable MIDI effects and arpeggiators ("transforms"), and advanced features like data pools that allow one pattern to interweave, creating evolving, more dynamic music from even minimal data inputs.

Demo Tracks

laserllama ยท Warp Sequencer Demos -
If you make a fun track with Warp, reach out, and we can include it on playlist

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