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Warp is provided to you under an Apache2 open source license. Development contributions are welcome. To ensure Warp remains free, Copyright is held by Michael DeHaan plus all contributors, and therefore, the license can never be changed and it cannot be re-licensed to anyone under different terms.

To contribute, you should first discuss what features you would like to add. The very best way to do this is to join Warp Club so you can get access to the Discord chat, but you can also Michael. Communication helps avoid duplicate efforts and to assure compatible goals. Then, when ready, submit a pull request to warpseq on BitBucket. We'll generally be very interested in code review, so this is why up front discussion of where to implement a feature may save some extra effort.

Contributors should probably also follow @warpseq on twitter for updates, unless you are already supporting the Patreon.

We have one very important rule: Any additions must take care to not break song files of existing users. Listen to your song file tests, think about all the error paths, be paranoid, and test it thoroughly before submitting any additions or changes.

Thank you for interest in this project and we look forward to working and talking with you!