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A track is a routing that sends events from a Clip associated with that track to the Instrument or Instruments assigned to that track.

Creating A Track 

api.tracks.add(name='lead', instrument='lead_inst', muted=False)

An track has the following properties:

Property Type Description
name string a name to identify this object
instrument string the name of an Instrument previously created
instruments list of strings as an alternative to instrument, supply a list of instrument names and notes coming into this track will be sent to multiple instruments.
instrument_mode string selects what instruments are selected for what notes if multiple instruments are assigned to this track instead of one
muted bool if true, notes sent to this track will not sound. MIDI CC messages will still transmit.

Instrument Modes 

Valid values for instrument_mode are:

all_instruments the default setting. This sends every note to every instrument configured on the track.
rotate selects a hocketing style behavior. Each note that should be played - including those as part of chords - are sent to the next instrument in rotation. This is to say chords will be split up between multiple instruments, but still played concurrently.
spread each note in a chord is played using one of the instruments in the list, with the root note always being played by the first instrument, the next note by the second instrument, and so on.
rotate_chords similar to rotate every note or chord will be played by the next instrument in the list, in rotation. Unlike rotate chords will be played all together by one instrument, rather than spread out between instruments. This mode is intended for use with polyphonic synths only.

  If using spread, rotate, and rotate_chords, if a chord sent to be played has more notes than the number of instruments in the list, one instrument may recieve multiple notes to play. This is sometimes desirable behavior, but sometimes not. If this is undesired, either play smaller chords, do not play chords, or add more instruments to the list.

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