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In most DAWs, scenes are simply lists of Clips that are meant to be triggered together. In Warp, scenes can have additional properties.

Creating A Scene 

A basic scene:

api.scenes.add(name='intro', rate=0.5, auto_advance=True)
api.scenes.add(name='verse1', auto_advance=True)
api.scenes.add(name='chorus', auto_advance=True)
api.scenes.add(name='versus2', auto_advance=True)
api.scenes.add(name='finale', rate=0.5, auto_advance=True)

A scene has the following properties:

Property Type Description
name string A symbolic name for the scene, as referenced from a Clip
rate integer If set, multiples the current tempo for all clips in the scene. 0.5 effectively turns 1/16th notes into 1/8th notes. 0.25 implies quarter notes.
auto_advance bool if True, when any Clips that are marked auto_scene_advance finish, the scene will stop playing and the next scene in the list will play automatically.
scale str if set, overrides the Scale of the Song, unless further overriden by the Clip.

Next Up 

About ready to hit play. Scenes need Clips added to them first, so let's check those out.